Medical Device Courses

IEC 60601 Introductory (1 day)

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  • Risk Management & relation to ISO 14971
  • Device classification
  • Identification, marking and documents
  • 60601-1 relation to collateral & particular standards
  • Protection against ELECTRICAL HAZARDS
  • Protection against MECHANICAL HAZARDS
  • Protection against other types of HAZARD
  • Programmable electrical medical systems (PEMS) and the relation to functional safety, IEC 62304 and cybersecurity
  • ME SYSTEMS considerations
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

IEC 60601 Advanced (1 day)

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  • Comparison of risk analysis techniques based on device classification and technology
  • Generating isolation diagrams
  • Electrical hazard test methods
  • Programmable electrical medical systems (PEMS) methods and techniques in detail
  • Radiation hazard analysis and techniques (including neutron and alpha)
  • Battery safety in 60601
  • Cybersecurity relating to hardware and 60601
  • EMC techniques and practices
  • Detailed overview of 60601 particular standards
  • Many worked examples based on 60601 projects

IEC 62304 Introductory (1 day)

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  • Risk Management
  • Overview of the V Model according to IEC 62304
  • Requirements management
  • Software development plan
  • Software development processes, including tools and methodologies
  • Consideration of Agile techniques
  • Software architectural design
  • Software integration and verification
  • System integration – relationship to IEC 60601
  • Configuration management
  • Problem resolution
  • Software maintenance
  • Cybersecurity
  • IEC 82304

IEC 62304 Advanced (1 day)

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  • Risk management methods in software development
  • Strategies in requirement management
  • Strategies for IEC 62304 and compliance with FDA guidelines
  • Agile software development in IEC 62304 projects
  • Software verifications: methods and strategies
  • Continuous integration in IEC 62304 projects
  • Cybersecurity strategies
  • IEC 62304 process improvements
  • Strategies for safety-critical systems


ISO 14971 (half day)

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  • ISO 14971 overview
  • Risk management planning
  • The risk management file and responsibilities
  • Interdependencies and relationship to other standards
  • Risk assessing hazards and intended safety
  • Risk analysis techniques (FMEA, FMECA and FTA)
  • Risk control techniques
  • Risk benefit analysis
  • Post market activities


IEC 62366-1 (half day)

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  • Overview of the usability processes
  • Risk management relating to usability
  • Planning & inputs (including FDA guidance)
  • Selection of user groups
  • Usability process (hazard-related use scenarios, risk control, formative and summative analysis)
  • Requirements of the User Interface and other specifications
  • User Interface of unknown provenance
  • Risk benefit analysis
  • Post-production activities


We offer a variety of additional courses including the Medical Device Regulation and ISO 13485. We also tailor courses to meet your organisation’s individual needs.  Please contact us to discuss any training course requirements you may have and find all trainings course dates here.